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Connor and his seizures...

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

If you have been following us on Instagram for awhile then you know Connor began to suffer seizures just under a year ago. He had two within 24 hours (the second one being severe and lengthy) but then was great for 6 months on Vet CBD, almost seizure free, we thought we were in the clear. We weren't.

At the end of March he suffered a serious of cluster seizures which really took him down. He was admitted to the ER, put on IV fluids and heavy medications, he was pretty down and out for a few days but then he slowly came around back to his old self. He's been on Keppra and Vet CBD since then and has done well.

Today we had a little hiccup, another seizure which blinded him temporarily, and that's always difficult to witness. Mom cuddled him a lot once he finally settled (he gets very restless and paces constantly for about an hour after he has a seizure), and soon he fell into a deep sleep. He was sleeping so soundly he was clearly dreaming (see video), must have been a squirrel eluding him!

Seizures can be very scary and upsetting to humans, but they are, for the most part, manageable. Connor has done very well and in the grand scheme of things doesn't have many, thank goodness. We've known dogs who have them daily, weekly, it could be so much worse.

We wanted to share his experiences so that others would know it's a condition that can be managed and life can still be lived fully. Connor is a little slower mentally than he used to be, likely from the second seizure he suffered, but it doesn't hold him back. He's full of life and love, he's an inspiration!

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