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My heart is irreparably broken this time around...

This weekend will mark two months that Angus has been gone. Two months that have been full of heartache, pain, and a flood of tears. I've cried every single day over these two months, and that is not a lie - not one day has gone by that I haven't broken down and sobbed not only because I miss him so much, but because I'm angry and devastated that his story ended the way it did. He didn't deserve what happened to him, it's just not fair, there's no other way to say it.

I understand that this is a page for my boys, but now they're gone, and right now, I'm just trying to find my way in this world without them. What happened to Angus never should have happened, and I will fight until my last breath if I must, no one should ever have to experience what he did, EVER.

So many people try and offer comfort by telling me how Angus lived such a wonderful long life, and he did, no doubt about that, but what people don't understand, at least I don't think they do, is that he would still be here, living that life if not for the Nexgard. Yes, he was very senior at nearly 17.5 years old, but he was a spitfire and in good shape for his age, and his story should have ended on his terms, in his way, not the way that it did, with his organs suddenly shutting down, struggling to breath, unable to eat, or go to the bathroom, and in pain.

I have reported his death to the company and the FDA. The company doesn't want to take responsibility, of course, but I knew they wouldn't. After he passed I unearthed so many stories just like his, many dogs have died, even more permanently damaged, enduring seizures and other neurological issues, yet Boehringer Ingelheim (the company who makes Nexgard) continues to rake in the cash while leaving death, injuries, and broken hearts in their wake. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT MONEY. Check out this article on Nexgard, it says the MAJORITY of users have encountered adverse affects - the majority!!

See the numbers above, and those are just from Europe and from 2018, can you imagine how much higher the numbers are now? Over a 7 month study 57 dogs died from Nexgard, that's 57 dogs too many. Here's a question - what if this were a human medication? Would it still be on the market or would they pull it from the shelves if it were killing people at these type of rates?

I'm so angry, and I will use this anger to fight. Petitions haven't worked, and there have been many, but something has to be done, this cannot continue to be sold and given to pets, it's not safe!

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